Fats play an important role in human life. The most important ones are oil and butter.

The flaw of a thoughtless man is not that he doesn’t think, but that he thinks he is able to think.

Each man lives in the confinement of a world thought up for his own purpose.

No sooner had God created man in his own image than Satan presented him with a funfair mirror.

A lie is like a virus; in small quantities it immunes.

A child wants a dog to love, a man - to be loved.

Hell is the reward for evil.

To think that at the root of complicating our civilisation lays the desire to make one’s life easier!

The generation gap is understandable - youth live in the future, adults in the present and elders in the past.

A slave dreams of freedom, the free men of wealth, the wealthy man of power, the powerful of freedom.

People who enjoy lying love being lied to even more.

Rely on your brain mass, never on the masses.

Women are beautiful in the light of the day, but are even more so in the shadows of the night.

A woman is like a moneybox - a man inserts the best that he’s got into her.

Jealous wives should buy their husbands shoes that are too tight.

The more petulant the wife, the sooner her man wants out.

The idealists want to be treasured, the materialists - to be given treasures.

Materialists do believe in God. His name is Money.

The supreme goal of a man’s life is to sensibly manage the time between the birth and the death.

The mass media surveys let us know not what the respondents thought, but what they should think.

Rushing always ahead, one thing should be kept in mind: the Earth is round.

The more important the life’s decisions, the more willing we are to trust intuition rather than logic.

Nature is generous but thrifty.

If the need come, a man will give himself up entirely… to any pleasure at hand.

Good people murder nobody, especially not children and elders. They only perform abortion and euthanasia.

If you want something from an honest man, call upon his conscience, from a scum - his greed.

Democracy is a political system in which not the wiser but the more numerous are right.

Anyone has his price, some even have value.

For some a person higher up is a higher being.

Some people would do anything to be able to do nothing.

It is astounding, that the so-far most successful socio-economic system -capitalism - is based on jealousy, greed and rapacity, while the obsolete communism was founded on altruism, social justice and community.

It is most remarkable, that people agree to sell not to the one who bids the highest, but the one who promises the most.

A man acts like a virus - once he takes over a new environment, he proceeds to destroy it.

The world’s most honourable profession is that of a teacher. Pity we have so few of them at the schools.

A man always looks for new experiences in his life. For some these could be exotic journeys, for the others - new toothpaste every week.

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