Democracy is the most veiled form of tyranny.

Democracy with no educated and wise citizens is a hidden tyranny.

Democracy is like a zoo: people rule the sheep with the help of dogs.

Despotisms are founded on cowards, democracies on fools.

A good ruler builds his greatness on the greatness of the people he rules, a poor one on their littleness.

Well organized criminal group we call mafia, the best organized mafia we call the state.

History is not written by smoking canons but smoking cigars.

Presidents used to be chosen in elections, nowadays through a casting call.

In the past, rulers of wicked greatness stepped from the rostrum onto the footstool. Nowadays they only lower the rostrum.

Some politicians stupidity is outdone only by their voters' stupidity.

State is powerful with the power of its citizens. An all-powerful state that ruins them is a dwarf.

All revolutions begin and end with poverty, blood and tears.

A politician is a man who checks his views in the internet and his value in the bank.

Politicians keep tearing their robes but wear smartly-tailored suits.

Politicians nonchalantly hold their hands in pockets – not theirs!

Politics is a great knack. You need to know how to persuade people to pay for being robbed.

Contemporary rulers don't hire fools anymore – nobody likes competition.

In the distant past states needed slaves to develop. Luckily those times are gone and nowadays their role is successfully played by citizens in democratic states.

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