I live in a f… paradise, cursed the citizen.

The poor hate the rich but dream of becoming like them.

Presidents used to be chosen in elections, nowadays through a casting call.

Man, after cockroaches and rats, is the most rampant species on Earth.

Idiots are not hidden backstage, they're always trying to put themselves in the spotlight.

Is it not revealing that in the matter of fidelity two commandments take effect for men and only one for women?

Has God allowed Cain to be killed, there would not be a single evil man left on earth. Only the good would remain to kill each other.

Once upon a time curiosity led the man out of the Paradise; today it runs the risk of leading him back there.

Each man lives assailed by more and more information that is of ever lesser importance to him.

In the past people learned how to survive; now they need to learn how to live.

Everybody has a part to play in this life - usually that of an extra.

The more complicated a man, the harder he finds it to pull himself together.

The first true love is always the last one.

A man can be killed with a pen if a bailiff is the executor.

The more important the life’s decisions, the more willing we are to trust intuition rather than logic.

The material world is a reflection of the world of thought in the distorting mirror of our techologies.

A writer should be paid for what he has written; an aphorists - what he omitted.

Celibacy, contrary to the appearances, is deeply reasonable, considering that we are all brothers and sisters.

A man was given a brain to be able to reason out any of his nonsense.

A good ruler builds his greatness on the greatness of the people he rules, a poor one on their littleness.

Only great men can keep their head in the clouds and their feet firmly down on the ground.

White collars often have soiled hands.

The fewer laws are passed in a state, the longer before it passes away.

Parents want to be so perfect in their children's eyes that they keep their mistakes secret. This makes children perfect followers.

Do not shear sheep too closely, else you may butcher it.

The better developed civilisations always colonised the less developed. We should keep it in mind while cheerfully expecting the UFO.

There are sexy women; and there are decent ones.

Modern civilisations seem to forget that nature favours the simplest solutions.

A woman is like a moneybox - a man inserts the best that he’s got into her.

Democracy is a political system in which not the wiser but the more numerous are right.

Gossip generally breeds through parthenogenesis.

Man sees himself the way he would like others to see him.

The cobblestones are the cornerstones of revolutions.

Fame acquired in a flicker lasts a flicker.

Good people murder nobody, especially not children and elders. They only perform abortion and euthanasia.

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