Man talks well of those he does not envy, and probably that is the origin of praising the dead.

Hope can simultaneously be the most powerful weapon and the strongest shackles.

Politicians’ relations are highly complicated. In media they pretend to argue, in life to agree.

Politicians must think that adults are children if they insist on telling them stories.

Every living cell has a self-destruction mechanism. A living organism is a sum of its cells. Civilisation is the sum of organisms.

Living people we judge by what they achieved; the dead by what they could have achieved.

Usually a shallow person thinks oneself very deep.

11th commandment - thou shalt not be naïve.

Women are attracted by men’s great sense; men - by women’s great sensuality.

Women are beautiful in the light of the day, but are even more so in the shadows of the night.

Diplomacy is the difficult art of arranging the words in such a way that by no means would they express what we should say.

The Inquisition was not a good medicine. It killed the patient along with disease. Besides, it was prophylactic.

A ball in the bureaucrat’s ballpoint pen is ball and chains at the supplicant’s feet.

Remember: when you bow your head you make it easy for the executor.

The stupidest the decision, the more studious the explanation required.

Alcohol cheers up, especially those who watch the drunk man down it.

Devil has to eat as well. His diet is made up of the sins of men.

The shorter the leash you keep your child on, the further it will reach.

The pickpockets have nimble fingers, the politicians – tongues.

All wonder where the Templar Knights’ marvellous treasures are. But consider the USD.

The practice of saluting in the uniformed services originates from the need to confirm that one’s head is still in its place.

A bad plan rarely materializes, a perfect one never.

Man is bombarded is an increasing amount of information which he finds increasingly meaningless.

A woman’s life is roses all the way - rarely petals, a thorn at each step.

The most popular are the men the best dressed, and the women - the best undressed.

Be loyal! At least to yourself.

Modern civilisations seem to forget that nature favours the simplest solutions.

History is not written by smoking canons but smoking cigars.

White collars often have soiled hands.

The highest percentage of perfectionist one finds among politicians. They spoil everything perfectly.

The twentieth century psychiatry was extremely successful. What it could not heal it deemed to be the norm.

The twentieth century literature’s revolution boils down to ever more people writing books and ever fewer reading them.

Each man lives in the confinement of a world thought up for his own purpose.

Rely on your brain mass, never on the masses.

The best way to deprive a child is to spoil it.

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