The man, whom the people are willing to pay the more the harder he tries to trick them, we call an illusionist or a politician.

Only great men can keep their head in the clouds and their feet firmly down on the ground.

On the seafront fish and amber are the priciest.

Modern civilization is compterrorized.

In the past people learned how to survive; now they need to learn how to live.

Go through the life with your head up high. Until you trip.

Sometimes to discover the truth one has to have one’s eyes wide open and ears tightly shut.

Taxpayer’s superstition - On seeing a bailiff hang on to your pocket.

Don’t make yourself a Fortune’s fool. She will make you one herself.

A lousy writer has a problem with demand, a good one with supply.

In the past famous were the men of golden hearts, presently - of silver screen.

Nothing makes a man as certain of his opinions as an official denial.

The contemporary men have the more problems communicating the more television channels they have.

Each man is the maker of his fortune.

11th commandment - thou shalt not be naïve.

The more important the life’s decisions, the more willing we are to trust intuition rather than logic.

Parents want to be so perfect in their children's eyes that they keep their mistakes secret. This makes children perfect followers.

Women are beautiful in the light of the day, but are even more so in the shadows of the night.

A child needs love the most when it needs it the least.

Firewater breaks the ice and burns down good manners.

The poor hate the rich but dream of becoming like them.

The credo of the superhuman: I am not human therefore nothing that is inhuman is alien to me.

The beginning and the end of every revolution are misery, blood and tears.

An indirect proof of God’s existence is the thesis that it would be a miracle if the God did not exist.

A crown of thorns may be made of laurel leaves.

If men did not hope for an afterlife in that other, better world, maybe they would set about making this one better?

The more complicated a man, the harder he finds it to pull himself together.

Cigarettes and alcohol are called consumer goods for a reason - they consume men.

To hope for a pot of gold is chasing the rainbow. Unless you live at one’s end.

The supreme goal of a man’s life is to sensibly manage the time between the birth and the death.

Columbus was not the first one to discover America, only the first to patent it.

Nature knows what she's doing. Old men become childish to speak common language with their grandchildren.

More often than not are the advocates diaboli these days.

The antonym and the homonym of the word ‘sex’ is ‘sense’.

The best way to deprive a child is to spoil it.

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