If you want something from an honest man, call upon his conscience, from a scum - his greed.

Good policeman should be like a rock - hard and always handy.

The only product that a man obtains with no instructions for use is a child.

Young people are amazingly conformist in thier rebellion.

Cigarettes and alcohol are called consumer goods for a reason - they consume men.

Man invented the car to comfortably sit while standing in traffic jams

Feeling gratified by buying gratitude is called charity.

The supreme goal of a man’s life is to sensibly manage the time between the birth and the death.

The man, whom the people are willing to pay the more the harder he tries to trick them, we call an illusionist or a politician.

Fame used to be attained by men of great character, now it is attained on small screen.

A ball in the bureaucrat’s ballpoint pen is ball and chains at the supplicant’s feet.

An end that has to justify the means deserves making use of them.

Some people’s brain boxes are made of the densest boxwood.

Woman's life is a bed of roses, everywhere you look there's a thorn, rarely a petal.

There are sexy women; and there are decent ones.

Each millennium has its end of the world.

A just repayment for evil is punishment, an unjust – revenge.

Indifference is the battering ram for tyranny.

A small fry needs great powers of mimicry.

Politicians’ relations are highly complicated. In media they pretend to argue, in life to agree.

The world’s most honourable profession is that of a teacher. Pity we have so few of them at the schools.

Seldom is Themis blind nowadays; but more and more often deaf.

To be successful in politics one has to go with the current, in art - swim against it.

Some women, when told that they are intelligent, take it for a compliment.

A child needs love the most when it needs it the least.

A man needs to gain enormous life experience not to be terribly experienced by life.

Romantic women?! They choose the men who can move them deeply.

An educated man is a man and a half; an educated woman is half a woman.

Good people murder nobody, especially not children and elders. They only perform abortion and euthanasia.

If speech is silver, silence gold, listening must be platinium.

Car owners should be regarded not as motorised but as wheeling.

Never curse an illness; better ask for health.

Old age is merciful: before it takes away your life it takes away your lust for life.

Why seeing a beautiful box everyone expects to find a treasure inside, but on seeing a beautiful woman presumes her to be empty?

Dance is like a promise.

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