The generation gap is understandable - youth live in the future, adults in the present and elders in the past.

In the past people learned how to survive; now they need to learn how to live.

Aphorist - a man with little to say.

A microphone is more powerful than a machine gun.

The first true love is always the last one.

Man always dreaded what he could not comprehend and that could be the reason behind the men’s fear of women.

Diplomacy is the difficult art of arranging the words in such a way that by no means would they express what we should say.

No word gets out as quickly as the one told in secret.

It's not intelligence that makes man distinct from the animal, it's greed.

Deprive a man of his hope and he will blow his brains out. Or yours.

It is said, that gratitude ages the fastest, but we should consider if it isn’t so that instead of gratitude we expect worship.

Bankers worship the golden calf, the rest is considered cattle.

Jealous wives should buy their husbands shoes that are too tight.

Women are not stupid. They just try to please the men.

An end that has to justify the means deserves making use of them.

Life is that strange kind of theatre where tragedy mixes with farce, the screenplay is written by the actors, the conscience is the prompter and one never knows when the trap will open.

So far no idealist has succeeded building an ideal world.

Man sees himself the way he would like others to see him.

If you want something from an honest man, call upon his conscience, from a scum - his greed.

11th commandment - thou shalt not be naïve.

The antonym and the homonym of the word ‘sex’ is ‘sense’.

Be loyal! At least to yourself.

Laws are like fishing rods - there always is a catch.

There's no better motivation to man's actions than a strict ban.

Usually a shallow person thinks oneself very deep.

A free man knows only one oppressor – himself.

An erist is a fellow, who - only by manipulation - is capable of proving his point.

Politicians must think that adults are children if they insist on telling them stories.

Hell is the reward for evil.

Life is somewhat like a magician’s trick. Rarely magical, often a trick.

Painters describe the world with a paintbrush, writers with a pen and mathematicians with a pencil.

Electromagnetic waves in a human brain enable thinking. The same waves in the air facilitate the opposite.

If speech is silver, silence gold, listening must be platinium.

Sometimes cowardice requires great courage.

Romantic women?! They choose the men who can move them deeply.

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